Knight Smash - Whack Fast




    Knight Smash - Whack Fast are games use weapons hit a character out of a holes must hit precise. Knight is character. Knight coming out just a few seconds. Then back down into holes. Players will have to be quick to hit when character is hit will get accumulate points each time. Players is hunter will have to hit Knight. This classic game is simple to play. Have fun and frenzy to the game Knight Smash - Whack Fast.
    Will random the knight out hole in each round which is not the same. Players must have the speed to make score smashing. Games is arcade which most people will play before. Players are armed to attack the character out of the hole have most. Remove the top score in each mode keep the statistics. Whack the knights need to hit the precise will have chance hit only once to be able to hit it. Training skill is quick to skillful to get as many score. Players is hunter kill knight to come out to see a shorter period of time. Players who are crush in meditation play games like this.

    How to play
    Players will must tap finger on the screen to hit once. Can hit just one finger to hit the Knights out of the pit. Do not use more than one finger together to hit. Players will must hit target precisely and quickly to get score. When hit knight get score and keep a cumulative score for each round. At the end of will keep a score of the best. To play each time will have aim for break the record was to be a challenge to skill speedy of itself. Of course that the fighting where speed is determined will have a crash to hit miss but it requires meditation in order to hit it.

    Game features
    - When a character is hit will keep the best score.
    - There are three modes.
    - Normal : will have a character out of the hole 200 a character.
    - Hostage : avoid attacking dragons hostage.
    - Timer : timer 60 seconds.