Adventures of BombADillo




    Experience the world’s first physics based digital comic book action adventure in The Adventures of BombADillo. Travel the world collecting clues while avoiding diabolical traps in order to help BombADillo rescue his parents from an evil poacher.

    In this explosive game carefully crafted by the goblins at Hairy Monster Studios, Bombadillo’s parents have been captured and taken to an unknown location by an evil poacher. Fortunately, BombADillo’s parents have left behind numerous clues to their whereabouts however; retrieving these clues could prove to be very dangerous business.

    Along the way you will encounter items both helpful and hurtful. TNT, Nitro, Gas Barrels, Lighting Rods, and other things will present opportunities and peril as you make your way through each comic.

    Collect coins, clues pieces, and put together the puzzles to figure out where the Poacher has taken them.

    Are you up to the challenge or will BombADillo’s parents suffer a horrible fate?