Baldy Neighbor. School Escape




    This game is about your baldy teacher from the school in your neighborhood! The game supports 10 languages and has an amazing gameplay!
    Feel the real atmosphere of the Huge College that you need to explore.
    You moved to another city to get an education. You became a neighbor of the big school not far from your house. The main subject you were going to study were math basics. When you came to get an education in college, you met your teacher of the mathematics. He was a baldy guy with a long nose. When he saw you he immediately said hello. For you, he was a good teacher who was good at children.

    You have learned that your math teacher lives nearby. He often was walking around the neighborhood and just dropped by to say hello.

    Until last year, he was a good neighbor and you were friends with him. But very soon you noticed that he set surveillance cameras around the building. He stopped recognize his colleagues. They stopped to be friends with him.

    He often started coming on work on weekends. And it seemed suspicious to you. You decided to come on lessons one of these days and find out what secrets your new teacher hides.
    Game Features:

    • Ability to pick up and throw objects. Beat the glass, Stun your enemy and escape from him.

    • Multilingual game. 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

    • You can change the control between the joystick and the Swipe. Adjust the sensitivity as convenient for you! Change the volume of sounds.

    • Wonderful music that changes depending on the events of the game! A large number of sounds and noises.

    • Huge location and the house! A house of incredible size is created to explore it!

    • A mind-blowing 3D graphics! Enjoy high-quality graphics and textures!

    • Fascinating atmosphere of the game!

    • An Amazing plot and many tasks.

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