911 Rescue Fire Truck 3D Sim 2017




    911 fire truck rescue simulator 3d 2017 is a fire truck driving simulation game. Drive around the city in your rescue fire truck; avoid crashing your firetruck into other cars and vehicles. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a 911 emergency fireman? If yes, then this is your chance to Become a firefighter superhero and save innocent lives. Try your hands on rescuing people in life mayday situation with this amazing rescue 911 firefighter rescue 3d simulator game.

    911 fire truck rescue simulator 3d 2017 is next level driving race simulation game with very challenging game play. Play as the firefighter emergency driver, people priceless lives depends on your driving skills. Act fast and drive rash towards any fire emergency happen in the city.

    You must be a fan of the 911 games. We assume that you're crazy about fire fighting games as well. If so, this fire truck game is what you need! Turn on the sirens and try to become a firefighter in one of the best 2017 firefighting simulator.
    Race your fire truck through the big city traffic, be the first of your fire brigade in the fire zone and fight it down to the last spark.
    Fireman job is dangerous so be careful! Fire truck driving is not that easy. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic.

    There are many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time. Wait for the 911 call in the Fire Dept. and be ready. You can driving around the big city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. It's crazy how the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your fire truck, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer. Be the hero who saves lives!

    911 fire truck rescue simulator 3d 2017 features:

    - Full 3D large environment
    - Simulator driving smooth controls
    - Realistic big city graphics
    - Engaging 911 emergency missions
    - Fight the fire with water cannon
    - Many different routes across the city

    Master your firefighting skills in one of the best 2017 fire emergency games!