Metal Deathride fighting Car Race




    Are you ready to enter deadliest car racing arena where each car is armored with guns and missiles.

    Ultimate car war is going on between death riders in ultimate death race competition even in the presence of traffic. So also prove yourself best traffic racer in the deadly racing circuits.

    In Death race car shooting task has been assigned where you have to destroy the entire police car patrolling in the city with your armored car in the presence of traffic cars.

    Two specials gun are attached to car which can destroy police cars in single shots. Let have some police shooting by killing all police cars. Survive longer to make high scores and earns high number of coins to prove you an ultimate traffic racer and death rider.

    Death race car shooting features:
    - Armored car with stable control
    - Best traffic racer car physics
    - Machine guns attached car to shoot police cars
    - Beautiful city environment with desert greenery effects
    - Addictive game with beautiful graphics and sounds
    - Sand and other effects for making game difficult
    - Death race car shooting will become difficult with the longer you survive and shooting police cars
    - High quality traffic cars with left and right movement

    Best of luck guys for becoming addictive to death race car shooting.