Craziest Dentist Mania




    There are so many fans that want pictures of your favorite stars... help them ALL get shiny sparkling teeth so they can show off their famous smile for all their fans!

    As a Dentist, create shining teeth again! This dentist’s office is so much fun!

    Craziest Dentist Mania, these patients need your help! Treat patients with style! Let the dentist fun begin! Treat patients at the office with crazy cool dentist tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces! Brush dirty teeth, pull teeth, fight bacteria, style & straighten teeth with braces and so much more! Show off your style with colorful braces!

    The Fun Includes:
    ** Tooth Decay! Yank those ugly teeth!
    * Bad Breath! Pew! Spray away the bad breath!
    * Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush!
    * CRAZY Tools to get rid of cavities!

    Everyone does not like to go to this dentist's office because there is a crazy dentist in it.
    How crazy is the dentist, you can come to try it!

    • BLAST the germs that are hiding out in your mouth!
    • REMOVE any cracked holes using the horse drill!
    • CLEAN the teeth by using the different tools available!
    • REMOVE all the gum from the teeth with the small vacuum!
    • PULL out any broken or rotten teeth and replace them using new ones!
    • COLOR the teeth any color you like by using the paint palette!

    Do you know how is a dentist's job like? Do you want to become an outstanding dentist? Even though you are not a dentist yet, just download our game and then you can become a professional dentist immediately. GET it TODAY !!!!