Mancala: Marbles & Seeds




    Also known as Kalah, Awele, Oware, and Bao, Mancala is an ancient African board game, where 2 players play against each other in turn-based fashion, to see who collects more marbles or seeds.

    Mancala has different variations. This is a summary of the rules of Mancala: Marbles & Seeds:

    Each player, on his or her turn, chooses one of the 6 holes on his or her side and deals the stones throughout the board in an anticlockwise direction, leaving one stone in each hole and in the player's Mancala. If the last stone dealt ends up in the player's own Mancala, then the player gets a free turn. If the last stone dealt falls in an empty hole on the player's side of the board, this player captures all the stones in the opponent's parallel hole.

    The game ends when one of the players does not have any more stones in the holes on his or her side of the board. When this happens, the stones that remain shall go to the other player's Mancala. The winner is the player with most stones.

    It's a simple and fun game, but also challenging: you have to use a lot of strategy to your advantage in this brain puzzler!

    - 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult;
    - Undo moves and unlimited hints;
    - Statistics: track your progress;
    - Game options: play the game on your terms;
    - 100% free!

    If you like Mancala and other classic board games like chess, backgammon and checkers, you will love Mancala: Marbles & Seeds. Download it now and indulge in this satisfying brain puzzler!

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