Archangel RPG

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    We want to let you enter to the Archangel world, where Angels and Demons live inside an endless war, where Humans and Elves are their objective.
    Ainur, is one of the last Angels who remains in this world and his mission, is the freedom, the peace for the humanity.

    As you can see, there are new features we changed in the game, made with RPG maker.
    We did not want to do “Another RPG maker game” that's because we changed a lot of things, like the enemies, like the battle system and a lot of puzzles inside an Story we did with all our love.

    You can forge your weapons, raise your level, like your enemies...have relations with your
    partners raising their companion level.

    There are 7 different classes available in the game, with their own abilities and their own properties, you can change your class and test all of them.

    6 different cities you can visit in an open world.

    Unlock abilities, unlock all enemies in your enemy book, obtain abilities from your relations with your partners and create your own weapons.

    Live the adventure of Archangel, with a hand made soundtrack.

    We are accepting new ideas and we are working on it...Thanks a lot for the support and hope you like it.