Marble Kingdom Blast




    Marble Kingdom Blast is a brand new zuma-style game.
    A group of colorful stone balls are marching towards the hole where we put our treasure,the treasure was put in a secret place,however,those stone balls managed to find the right way there and they were following the trail left by us to get there as quickly as they can. The air was full of tension,there must be a war to stop those stone balls from grabbing our treasures there. It's lucky that we have a cannon we could make use of to shoot at those colorful stone balls,and there's a magic trick,if you connect three or more stone balls with the same color,they will vanish like they never exist.
    Survive four secret scenes to get the legendary treasure! Complete all levels, and try to get three stars in each level!
    How to play:
    - Shoot bubbles to match three or more of the same color
    - Tap on the transmitter to exchange the position between current ball and next
    - Combo and power-up increase score
    - Easy to learn, but hard to master
    - Fresh game graphics
    - 4 new scenes and more challenging levels
    - Many secret maps make the game more addictive
    - Meteoric stones, lightning and other interesting items