Snooker Billiards Game Free




    Snooker Billiards is a fun, easy to play, easy-to-play game, similar to a pool table or 8-ball pool games, but the billiard game has 15 balls.

    We have chosen the best game that you can play by. Do not be online just offline, it's free to play the internet as you play it. Snooker like real At home

    This fun snooker game is simple. Suitable for elementary school children to improve their skills. Practice coaching The movement of fingers and eyes, relax, free brain, free time, all free games, money to play as a pro in the future to win the championship.

    Play instructions Billiards Snooker Games
    - Press play to start the game Billiards Game.
    - Hold the screen with your finger. To orient the cue stick. Go to the 15-ball snooker balls.
    - A light bar to indicate the strength of the ball.
    - At the desired position, release the finger.