Aircraft Combat 2048 . Fire at Future War vs UFO




    You brag about being the best plane pilot of the army! You love to show off flying acrobatics at fast speed with F18 air planes. Today you have the mission to patrol over the Chihuahuan desert and report anything unusual. Your commander saw something strange going on in this area. He did not mentioned if it will be dangerous or what is going on over there so you have to fly carefully over this desert watching every movement.

    You just saw some shadows approaching to your F18 plane but you need to get closer to see them better... Oh my god! Those air planes look like real UFO! And there are lots of them! It looks like they are preparing for the battle! Return to the army base immediately and report to your officers! Get out of here now! Do not start the battle alone, there are too may of them!

    - 3D flying simulator game with amazing F18 planes
    - Speed up button to accelerate your fun race, tight curves at maximum speed and real driving maneuvers
    - Intuitive mobile game controls which makes it easier to immerse yourself in this plane races
    - Choose the difficulty level of your race by selecting one of our different air planes
    - Fly through the landscape of the Chihuahuan desert in incredible races!
    - You have the complicate mission to survive in an UFO attack inside one of the most amazing war aircrafts, the F18
    - Different type of UFO spaceships give this games a greater realism

    The battle is about to start! Are you ready for real action?
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