Dinosaur Evolution: The Ice Predator




    Help our flying dinosaur to survive a flight against dreadful creatures!
    When we think about dinosaurs we imagine the fearsome T-Rex predator or the very large, long-necked diplodocus but we forget that during the Jurassic Period there were different types of dinosaur. In this game we focus on the flying dinosaurs, the predators in the air and their greatest enemy, the dragons.

    Imagine the scene in the Jurassic skies of air fights between flying dinosaurs and dragons. Huge animals fighting each other in life or death battles. Experience in this exciting game the thrilling flight of flying dinosaurs trying to survive in the sky competing with dragons in the air! Does not it sound interesting?

    Let's have a look at what does this dinosaur flight game has inside:

    - Protect your flying dinosaur against the dragon attacks in an infinite race in the air
    - Choose your favourite dinosaur and start a flight for your survival. Each one has unique features, so select the one that matches best to you!
    - Dragons are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before you get killed!
    - Addictive simulator game with amazing graphics: Enjoy the realism of these animal races!
    - These races full of action are very intuitive to play!
    - These air dinosaur games are appropriate for children and adults of all ages

    If you like to know more about our flying dinosaurs and dragons, download this game now and find out how skillful you are controlling a dinosaur!
    Good luck!

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