Horror in Halloween: The Final Scary Games




    Do you know why we have scarecrows in the cemetery?
    Every year, during the Halloween night, thousends of crows came into the cemetery and start mourning for the souls we lost.
    Their grief is so deep, noisy and scary that it is said they wake up the ghosts...
    For years, many odd events took place in the town during the Halloween night. A lot of people got scared and claimed for a solution. In that moment, the priest decided to install scarecrows in the cemetery and blessed them so they can keep the town free of crows on Halloween.

    Play the role of a scarecrow in the cemetery in this Halloween game trying to frighten all the crows you find to keep the city safe: Do not let the crows invoke the ghosts!

    -> Choose a scarecrow to frighten all the crows and birds of the cemetery in a scary race in this Halloween night
    -> Try to be fast enough to scare all the crows in this funny games
    -> Do not get confident in this scary race: That what will make a difference!
    -> The more you practice, the better you will run in this addictive game
    -> Easy and intuitive mobile controls for this scary races
    -> Appropriate for children and adults who love Halloween games
    -> This amazing game is compatible with every mobile device

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    Have fun!

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