Kitty Cat Fantasy World




    Raise and tame your beautiful kitty and save him from every danger, especially from the baby dragons of the neighbourhood!
    Have you ever imagined how the world would look like if dragons existed and were tamed by humans? That is what this game brings to you: Play with your cute kitty cat and protect him from the baby dragons of the neighbours!

    You love kitties and baby dragons but they do not get on well together. Dragons always end up using their fire to harm kitties and kitties remain powerless fighting against these dangerous mythological creatures...
    Tonight, as every night, you go for a walk with your kitty and, as usual, you have to help him to avoid baby dragons playing on the streets because a fight between them may end badly: Protect your cat and help him run away and race against the dragons!

    - Get away from every dragon as far and fast as possible in incredible races!
    - Intuitive game rules who will immerse you in an infinite survival race
    - Amazing graphics of the city at night with cute cats and dragons!
    - Easy mobile controls for these animals races which make it easier to play in this addictive game!
    - Share your highest scores of these animal games with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

    Are you prepared to win this race? Download this funny game now and find out what are you capable of!

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