Monkey Kong: The King of the Jungle




    The great monster monkey Kong from the isle of skulls is back!
    The king of beasts, a savage creature, is a legendary giant ape who reigns over the isle of skulls! A powerful animal known because of his ferocity!
    This monster monkey simulator takes place in this uncharted island! A magical location where the legend tells us that those who set out to explore the isle of skulls get killed by the monkey Kong, the giant gorilla and legendary king of the jungle. None of the soldiers and scientists ever returned from their expeditions to the island: Skulls and skeletons are the only proof that they were once there...

    Despite this legends, the army is very interested in this island due to its strategical location and keep sending troops of soldiers to conquer the island. In this crazy gorilla game you will be playing with this legendary fearsome monkey fighting against heavily armed soldiers and military troops in the jungle!

    Protect monkey Kong from the soldier attacks in a survival race around the isle of skulls:

    - Choose your favourite gorilla Kong and start fighting for your survival. Each gorilla has unique features, so choose wisely!
    - Soldiers are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before you get killed!
    - This addictive animal simulator has amazing graphics and landscape: Enjoy the realism of this awesome game!
    - These endless races full of action are very intuitive to play!
    - Our monster monkey Kong game is appropriate for children and adults of all ages

    Become the best worldwide player of this crazy monkey Kong simulator!
    Have fun!

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