Moto GP Rider 2017




    Are you a passionate of motos GP!? Speed up your motorbike and compete with other pilots inside a racing circuit!

    A new challenge is waiting for you: The newest and hottest motos GP are ready to start a wild competition! Go fast and furious in this racing circuit!
    In this derby you will have the opportunity not only to challenge yourself but also to test your driving skills against other motos GP pilots!

    You like to rev up your engine loudly and feel your adrenaline rushing through your veins, you are mad at speed and your utmost joy is to drive motorbikes faster than any one. That is the reason why we created this motorcycle game for you!
    Train hard with your motocycle, test your improvements and do not stop racing!

    - Prepare yourself for amazing Motor Bikes GP that merge top design, high performance, ultimate innovation and high speed! Each moto GP has unique features, so choose the best motorbike that fits with this racing circuit!
    - Challenge your friends, watch the leaderboard and stay on top by improving your friends’ scores
    - Smooth controls and incredible 3D graphics will immerse you in this thrilling derby
    - Keep accelerating your moto GP so that the score will be boosted
    - Remember not to slow down in this extreme race!

    Now you are prepared for this two-wheels adventure! Try this amazing game in our racing circuit and feel your adrenaline blowing!
    Good luck!

    Twitter: @LabCave