Only the Brave Airplane!




    You are the pilot of an air craft and you have just disobey a command: You do not want to kill anymore! In the middle of an air battle you just realised you do not want to be there... You want to step away from the army to start a new life far away from the war. But you are in the middle of a battle and it will not be easy to escape! You can not quit fighting until all the enemies are down. Besides this, your army is sending helicopters to destroy you because you are a traitor!

    Avoid and dodge every helicopter on your way out of this war! Try to be quicker than your enemies and fly as fast as you can to save yourself and be out from this nonsense war!

    - Choose one of our pixel air crafts to start this race. Each air craft has unique features, try them all!
    - Fly avoiding every helicopter on your way! Remember not to slow down in this funny races!
    - Air crafts and helicopters with incredible pixel graphics!
    - The more you practice, the better you will fly in this survival race
    - Very intuitive to play: You just need to tap on the screen!
    - In this racing games you will not get bored: They are easy to pick up but hard to master that will keep you in the air crafts game for hours!
    - War air craft races against helicopters can be repeated all over again: You only need to select the difficulty level!
    - This exciting game is compatible with every mobile device

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    Are you ready for these challenging games?

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