Robot Gladiator: Real Racing War




    The robots from the firefighter´s academy are sent to take down the fire on the subway. This robots are usually sent to replace real firefighters in difficult and dangerous situations in order not to expose human life. And this is a complicated mission: The subway is a place very tight and full of obstacles on fire. In this race the robots will have to take care and avoid every obstacle on fire they find:

    -> Choose your favourite robot to start this race. Each robot has unique features, so choose wisely!
    -> Run avoiding every obstacle on your way!
    -> Speed up your game points counter. Remember not to slow down in this funny race!

    Run with your robot through the subway on fire and save the city in this action game! Become a national hero and let everyone know that robots can solve difficult situations and extinguish the fire as good as humans!

    -> The more you practice, the better you will run
    -> Very intuitive to play: You just need to tap on the screen!
    -> In this robot games you will not get bored! Beware of every obstacle you see!
    -> Time will pass very fast when you play, as races can be repeated all over again: You only need to select the difficulty level!
    -> This addictive robots game is appropriate for children and adults

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    Have fun in this dangerous races!

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