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    Total Skater | True Skateboard Extreme Sport Game for Free

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    Enjoy skating!? Skate fast or you will be under arrest!
    The city mayor is very concerned about the huge amount of skaters in Miami disturbing the traffic and making noise by night.
    He recently decided to change the city laws and make skateboarding a prohibited activity. Now, skateboarding is illegal and Miami skaters are very angry with him: Skateboard is not only a sport but also a way of life!

    In this funny game, you are a cool skater with attitude that will help the skaters prove the mayor that they will not be defeated. Start a speedy race through Miami against street cops! 
    Show the city mayor that skateboarding is not a danger and that nothing can stop skaters: Get the skateboard and start skating - and above all: skate fast and do not break the skateboard!

    In this exciting race you will need to scape from the police cars of Miami that are all around the city.
    Ride fast and accurately avoiding the street cops patrols. Choose the difficulty levels, a cool skater and enjoy the addictive race!

    This funny game give the players many options - you can jump, speed up and slow down, avoid obstacles, compete with your friends, or just cruise around Miami streets.
    If you want to enter the world of skating, this is unique chance to do it in one place. No matter if you are boy or a girl - just download the game and you are good to go!
    Time will pass very fast when you play as races can be repeated all over again, just select the difficult category if you want to be the best. You can never get bored while you play!

    Here you will have the chance to dodge street police and become a cool skater.
    This game seems easy but street cops cars are distributed randomly at the start of each level, making it always a fresh experience when the skater hops on his board and start avoiding police.

    Do not forget to share your skateboarding games with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! Enjoy and become the best Miami skater! And remember the rule: Do not break your skateboard!

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