True Goat Skater Simulator 2017 Evolution Game




    You are a goat that rocks! You have achieved everything in your life: You are the most famous animal skater in your country and everyone wants to be like you! The world loves you and you are living your skateboarding dream!

    Being a skateboard celebrity has its perks but also brings some disadvantages: Children, youngsters and specially skaters are crazy about you and they chase you all the time. You love skateboarding but skater fans are quite irritating for you because you are being pursued all the time, though you have to live with it.
    Anyway, today is your free day and you want to spend some time going on a trip to an animal farm on your own: As a goat you enjoy being with other animals and wild nature because, after all, that is where you belong.
    Everyone in the farm expects you, they are very excited to have a celebrity... But, what happened! Hordes of skaters are already waiting for you on the farm and more are on their way! What a bad luck: Another day ruined!
    Your best choice now is to leave the animal farm and escape from your skater fans. Start running against every skateboard pursuing you on a desperate race where you will have to avoid all the skaters you find!

    Some features of this funny arcade game:
    - Four different goats representing a skateboarding celebrity
    - Wide range of skateboard fans pursuing you on this games
    - Incredible race with nitro option to speed up your running
    - Realistic arcade scene with incredible graphics
    - Intuitive game rules

    Tips to win high score in your races:
    -> Keep accelerating during your race so that the score will be boosted. Your score of the games is shown on the right top of the screen
    -> Control your goat celebrity with incredible fast speed
    -> Dodge all the skaters in funny races and escape from your fans

    Take your chances in this race with this unique celebrity goat!

    Twitter: @LabCave