Real Extreme Sports Car for Luxury Turbo Speed Racing and Driving Simulator

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    Real Extreme Sports Car for Luxury Turbo Speed Racing and Driving Simulator

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    This is the best top free car driving and racing simulator of 2015! Explore an urban circuit without traffic and police chase in an open world mode.

    Ready for the race: Drive your luxury sports car in the city and localize points of interest in the asphalt as you travel from place to place. These points of interest starts single player challenge or championship vs computer (a competitive racing rival).

    Do you like tuning? Do you want to customize your vehicle? So, this is your game. Mod and tune! You can purchase vinyls and stickers and tuning your auto so it looks cool. There are a fantastic vinyl and sticker collection to customize as you want your luxury vehicle on your way. It is very easy to do it: move, rotate and scale vinyls, change its color.

    Do you love to feel extreme speed? You can feel the maximum speed being fast avoiding the brake. Every driver and racer will enjoy the real driving mechanics and physic engine forgetting police chase and traffic, they do not exist. So, like an advanced driver, feel the need for driving!

    Are you ready to burn the asphalt? Have fun with your need for burning the asphalt drawing skid marks and seeing white smoke everywhere! You can drift while you play the best sports car gt game simulator of the year. So get ready to feel the extreme speed in arcade racing. Drive the fastest luxury sports car based on free realistic simulator games with steering wheel.

    • Powerful Tuning : put Vinyls and stickers by custom way, up to 20 vinyls
    • Car Paint System: paint your auto with your favourite color to your needs
    • Great Competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Racing Competition
    • Catch hidden bills balls in the city to earn money
    • Amazing HD Graphics (realistic reflections)
    • Realistic crash and damage simulator
    • 2 Missions: Follow the path and get the best time score
    • Extreme jump ramps zone for a pro racer driver
    • Leaderboards for missions: Be the best driver and the fastest among racing rivals
    • Auto controlled by accelerometer and direction arrow buttons
    • ESP, ABS and TCS triggers
    • Multiple camera views
    • Real Drifting
    • Real Burnout with smoke effect
    • 6 gears and reverse gear.

    How to play missions and see Leaderboards:
    ■ Drive your car in the city
    ■ During you explore the city you can find green circles spot points at the asphalt
    ■ Reduce your car speed and stop the auto inside it
    ■ Press blue button for view leaderboard scores
    ■ Press green button for start the racing mission and drive fast to get a best score
    ■ The race time starts when you press throttle button
    ■ Follow yellow check points to continue the path of the race
    ■ When you cross the green check point you are finished