Pirates Battle Island Escape




    Welcome to the Wild Island in the Age of Piracy and survive through the dangers of black flags. Enjoy the most realistic story based pirates simulator 2017. Get ready to immerse in this action filled and most thrilling pirate fighting game. Fight with sword or use modern guns to complete island survival escape missions. You are a royal pirate captain and ocean is your home. Captain!! your ship is stolen and you are thrown in wicked island tied with ropes. Now you are trapped in this adventure island with great wonders and you have to get back to your Pirate ship that is stolen from you by your fellow pirate and betrayed you. This is not an easy road to revenge as you have nothing and your survival on this island is almost impossible if you don't pay attention. This is the most strategy based survival game of 2017. So, find your ship and become the sea hero.

    • Different Island Survival Missions!
    • Craft Raft, Fight Animals, Find Tools and Much More!
    • Amazing Adventure Simulator!
    • Superb 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
    • If you get hungry you become rust
    • Eat apples, meet & collect water bottles to uphold energy