Zombie Augmented Reality (AR)




    Few Steps before you Enjoy a new immersive Augmented Reality Experience that pop right on top of your desk.

    1. Download & install the Game
    2. Download the Marker from the link
    3. Print the Marker.
    4. View the Marker through the Game App and enjoy different zombie character that appears in the table and Environment.

    Welcome to the world of Augmented Reality by Maysalward. This is a revolutionary immersive augmented reality game that transports you into a zombie apocalypse environment and fight to save the Human Race.

    The war against zombie has started and you need to save the people who are in immediate danger of a the zombie apocalypse. As one of the few survivors and zombie terminator, it’s up to you to Free your infested desk and our world from the zombie infestation.

    Fight the zombies back to hell! Survive or die, you are the last hope for Humanity!