Battleship vs Submarines




    The war has begun. It's time to burn the sea. Destroy the enemy army.

    Burning the sea, do not stop. This is war!

    In the Pacific, the situation is reversed, submarines "Black Triangle" are chasing allied forces. These have destroyed more than half of the allied fleet in the North Pacific. More than five million tons of steel sunk in the ocean.
    Battleships allies also got some enemy casualties, especially in coastal waters.

    The Submarine "Black Triangle" got away with two destroyers allies in the North Atlantic. However, the allied forces are concentrated on attacking in the south, destroying virtually the entire enemy fleet in these waters. They are having great success the anti-submarine measures armored allies in these waters. Other allied forces are operating in the Indian Ocean, but never enough to be an important factor, because of the distance that separates them.

    Accuracy is very important in this game. Double scores every time you complete a level without missing a shot.

    Arcade and intensive.

    Good news! A new free game is not a game of zombies or vampires, or children. These in the ocean, in an epic war submarines surrounded by very angry! :) There is one way to survive ... fight!

    It has opened Pandora's box. (Look at the screenshots to prove it)

    Good luck and become the king of the ocean!

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