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    Immerse yourself in the lands of Morghoth in this dark fantasy adventure, a game that any role-playing enthusiast has to try at least once!

    Welcome to Morghoth a dark land where souls have awakened in the heart of Darkness by the fault of a book, The Dark Book! You'll start your journey to a remote city, meet many friends and enemies along your way that will make you find out what happened and who and who is responsible for these dark events.

    • Variety of enemies, places, weapons and magics
    • An exciting story that will offer you several hours of play
    • Camera, map and customizable graphics
    • Typical old school hack and slash (no need for WiFi)
    • Multilingual: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian

    * Optional in-app purchases:
    • Magic Shield on Ridden Town
    • Soul Sword on Vivek Town
    • Magic Armor on Mysting Town
    • Magic Bull Helmet on Mysting Town
    • Devouring Sword on Solaris Town
    • Ring HP-MP on Black Castle
    • Skeleton Gold on Black Castle
    • Hammer Infinity

    The Dark Book is an action RPG hack-and-slash inspired Hai Classics old school years 90. You will play as a warrior skeleton through hordes of enemies, breaking down which will earn gold items experience points, and become an ever stronger warrior. A wide variety of quests, enemies, bosses with which to retrieve specific objects...

    * The game and continues to develop and will be upgraded for free

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