911 Helicopter Rescue 2017 PRO

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    Prepare yourself to become the hero of the amazing open world city in this hill ridge 911 Helicopter Rescue Sim 3D. You will not only fly with the lifesaving helicopter but also race in the challenging mountain ridge canyon roads! A lot of redemption driving skills and injustice flying skills are necessary to complete all the timeless redemption challenging missions of this life saving helicopter simulator.

    Become a part of rescue squad for helicopter hill rescue in this copter simulator which has an extensive heli fleet like no other helicopter pilot game or helicopter rescue simulator games. Fly your copter to the accident location and manage heli rescue by transporting the patients to hospitals and airlifting crashed cars to scrapyard as a helicopter transporter. You might have enjoyed other flying helicopter games, army rescue games or helicopter training games but a combination of all this with helicopter flying simulator & police helicopter games qualifies it for best helicopter games. So get ready to conquer the skies with this helicopter rescue sim.

    Be Alert! The emergency center has received an accident report that occurred in the big mountain hills! You are the emergency helicopter flyer that has to save the victims of the accidents in the missions of this perfect helicopter hill rescue game! Step in your fast ambulance helicopter and fly through the objectives to the victims. Help the victims on site or take them back to the hospital as fast as possible! Get to know your ambulance helicopter and complete all the nerve wrecking missions of this perfect 911 helicopter rescue simulator & be the people’s savior!