Wild Shark Hunter




    Avoid angry shark in this exhilarating killer blue whale shark world and annihilate them with a sniper shooter in this shark simulator. Don’t let the hungry shark get and eat you! These blue whale & white shark are hungry for human flesh and you are hungry for being a sniper hunter and massacre these shark snipping whale shark. This animal simulation game is different from other underwater shark hunting games, your shark sniper hunter dives into spear fishing to confront shark attacks from underwater as well on your speed boat.

    Shark simulator takes you to blue whale shark world and unlike other shark shooting games the realistic and deadly shark evolution is showed underwater with beautiful beneath the sea views of killer blue whale and wild shark. Save yourself from the angry shark evolution by your scuba diver in blue whale shark games and evolve your shooting skills in underwater games. This is not like other shark hunting games and shark stack games, you are upgraded with cool machinery for spear fishing and for being an underwater hunter. Each level takes you shark snipping and kill the blue whale shark sniper unlike other shark attack games.