Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab




    Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab is a game in which renowned chemistry professor Mr.Walt, the protagonist became antagonist. He’s the mastermind & drug kingpin behind weed production. Professor has schemed sting operation to establish his transportable laboratory. Whereby, he has decided to attach weed lab on back of his RV and drive around different places, cooking weed & making big money. Nothing can stop him from going bad & becoming drug lord. Set now to begin journey around the country. Drive camper van truck with rolling lab attached to it & take it to desert zone to start processing weed drug production &

    Cannabis is highly restricted and an illegal drug. However, rolling attaching weed lab with camper van truck is a clever & easy way to move to secluded desert . As rolling lab has been specifically designed to manufacture weed drug while you are travelling. So that no one can detect during its manufacturing; & its waste can be easily discarded without causing any transportation hazard releasing toxic fumes in surrounding areas. Cooking weed is a dangerous work to do as it may contain many hazardous chemicals that are poisonous. Therefore, be very careful with transportable laboratory Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab since it is attached with self-propelled caravan which is difficult to drive.

    It’s one in a lifetime opportunity to kick off your weed business now by making weed drug. Become drug kingpin by going bad breaking all the rules; controlling the marijuana links, building your empire and rule as mafia lord of the drug world. To be kingpin of weed mafia world is not as easy as it seems. You got to play all the tricks of trading cannabis in Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab to rule over the entire weed drug network.

    Immerse yourself as mastermind weed drug kingpin in this all new rolling weed lab adventure and build your empire. Just drive & cruise RV camper truck trailer on desert area; making marijuana in transportable laboratory conducting sting operation. Once you are done with cannabis: marijuana production. Come back to grand city to trade weed drug and earn trillions of bucks. Wait no longer, kick off the Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab and conquer mafia world.

    Camper Van: Rolling Weed Lab Game Characteristics:

    ▶ Realistic camper van truck trailer
    ▶ Futuristic RV caravan hummer
    ▶ Amazing city and countryside sightseeing
    ▶ Levels progressing with different challenges
    ▶ Easy to use controllers to speed up and gear rv caravan.
    ▶ Multiple cameras with real sound effects
    ▶ cooking weed in rolling lab