5th Wheel Smart Car Parking




    Here comes the most awaiting car drive adventure of 2k18. Experience magic car driving lessons at multiple plaza parking lots. Drive and park luxury cars on parking spot in multilevel plaza accurately using future car with five wheels. Enjoy 5th Wheel Smart Car Parking on metro roads and show expert driving school skills in complex parking areas with futuristic 5th magic wheel car. Hurry up! find valet parking space and unlock exciting city classic cars.

    Complete 5th magic car parking escape missions at plaza park city car driving adventure. Tighten up future car seat belt and navigate luxurious cars through different destinations, crossing by heavy traffic. So gear up now to master parking skills through tight turns & narrow slots in this dynamic 3d multi level crazy city drive valet parking space in all new 5th Wheel Smart Car Parking game.

    Accept driving school simulator challenges to park your futuristics car at multiple plaza parking lots. Be the best car parking expert driver ono right spot while rotating fifth wheel of your car. Show off yourself as best rider and pro car driver. 5th Wheel Smart Car Parking comprises of various parking missions and challenges, whereby it will indulge you to experience real multilevel car parking game.

    Drive your magic car now! Rotate the fifth wheel of your futuristic car towards vacant space in an overcrowded parking spots.

    5th Wheel Smart Car Parking game features:

    » Challenging futuristic car parking tasks.
    » Drive through multi-level plaza
    » Realistic cars engine brakes & Intuitive controls
    » 5 wheel future car driving challenge
    » Smooth steering wheel and speed brake
    » Time limitness to enhance your parking skills
    » Realistic HQ sound and music effects