Cash Delivery Armored Truck 3D




    Hello caravan riders! Welcome to fastest cash delivery game in all new metallic body and beamNG simulation. The exclusive playoff of City Bank Cash Transport Truck will excite you by its multilevel driving with a mission to transmit money at National banks of Usa. You got to chase ganglands from breaking bank. All the city mafia & robin the thief are ready for criminal attack on your amp truck deliver. It’s your responsibility for cash control & transfer money safely around town. Gather your energy to ride futuristic cash van at different territories, save money and transfer it securely to bank cashier. Get into the 4x4 bullet proof offroad trailer and be the first one to transmit money as a super hero driver with special policía force.

    City Bank Cash Transport Truck is latest 4 wheel offroad trailer that plays an important role to remove city crime. Its ultra beamNG simulation helps caravan riders against rushing roads & heavy traffic in opposition to ganglands to save money. There is safety locker in the future transport Van in order to safely transmit cash from real gangster. The high tech speed of delivery caravan makes it incredibly fast to move on time at different city locations. The Realistic city environment of euro coach simulator with multi-level thrilling missions allows you to defend any steal loots. Steer like super hero driver to chase robbers & gangsters in world of black mafia. Use crazy truck driving skills in this new breaking bank delivery truck simulator.

    All the Gangsters of city mafia planned for a Grand robbery at metropolis area.You are appointed to manage bank cash of futuristic cash van as Money manager. The citizens of Usa grand city and bank cashier of National banks are waiting for exchange money. Drive your 4x4 bullet proof offroad trailer in heavy city traffic & transfer currency notes by taking multipaths. The euro caravan is in danger, use special policía force for chase robbers & ganglands to cease Cash robbery from euro coach simulator. There are also trained police cars chase team with you for cash control & gangster cars. Let's get started with this amp truck deliver to transport money in different banks in the presence of high security force.

    This delivery truck simulator has a unique gameplay with difficult challenging level because of the bigger responsibility. Drive amp truck deliver in multipaths to escape road traffic & transfer money safely in this futuristic combat armor vehicle. Don’t break traffic signals while rushing into busy roads with City Bank Cash Transport Truck. Be a great Money manager who is all set to exchange money in destined address of bank cashier in big city. Use your super hero driving skills to stop criminal attack by real gangster, who are willing for breaking bank & cash robbery . The special Police Cars Chase is also there to help you, ride attentively in ganglands to control bank robbery. You have to ride euro coach simulator furiously to reach at time as if you exceed the specified time your level starts again. Be careful with future transport van as you will loss your points on hitting every crazy obstacles and citizen on your way. Pick-up your delivery caravan, Ride fearlessly and don’t let any robin the thief, gangsters steal loots from lorry.

    This City Bank Cash Transport Truck definitely fulfills your need of fastest simulation driving in futuristic combat armor vehicle. So, hurry up! Fasten your seatbelt to gear up this breaking bank future transport van while transfer currency notes in lorry. Try 4 wheel offroad trailer now, become the ultimate crazy truck driver to manage bank cash.

    Game Features :

    -Amazing Driving Simulator on impossible tracks
    -Extreme safety to delivery cash truck
    -Smooth Steering, Brakes & Drifting on Steep Paths
    -High quality 3D graphics & truck driving
    -Awesome 3D environment with real sound effects
    -Real Adventure of truck driving.
    -Different challenging mission