Multi Car Robot Real Transform




    Hello autobots lover! Wild Transformation is about to begin if you are sick of playing old transform motor bike ride. You might have played different impossible tracks, offroad car stunt simulation. What about having a single play station to excite yourself with Extreme transformation of super autobots? Here comes the new Multi Car Robot Real Transform that offers you to rush into crazy circle. Steer your SUV, hummer, Lamborghini and drone bike through obstacle course and dodge treacherous bizarre routes. Leap into motorbike transform while going over fiery heights of insane circle in city town. However Massive jumps, ultimate stunt bike ride & variety of road race track are waiting for you in this modified bus transform autobots car racing.
    This Multi Car Robot Real Transform has realistic 3d environments with amazingly detailed variety of nitro car transform. Use multilevel autobike robot bus transform while rushing to extreme Tracks Racing Stunt. Accelerate through insane circle with Suv hummer and mold it to X-ray moto robot that can identify obstacle course. Swift like furious dark riders to complete american muscle drift simulation extreme transformation autobots adventure. Enjoy this super transform motor bike on impossible off-road and road race track & Keep transform your turbo engine combat robot autobots. Pick up your real motorbike bus simulator and go through car transformation circle checkpoints.

    Start impossible car transform racing mission with latest Multi Car Robot Real Transform that is all set to give you tough time. Play this autobike modification attentively to go smoothly from obstacle course. Avoid colliding with insane circle while turning into Wild Transformation motor bike. Perform like king road dark riders on impossible checkpoints with extreme robot bus transform. Don't forget to modify your crazy motorbike into robot car autobots that will help you to pass transformation circle. Make sure you have full control on your fast drone bike Autobots to dodge massive jumps.This Crazy moto bike impossible Tracks ride will definitely improve your extreme bike driving skills on twisting road race track.

    You might have played ultimate stunt bike ride simulator but to drive with extreme car transform race is not an easy job. Be a furious autobots robot rider and do drifting in this crazy circle transform action game. Ride with extreme transformation robot bus simulator on breathe taking dreadful street car racing tracks. Drive with Autobots carefully to complete impossible robot car transformation circle road race. Modify your drone bike bus into moto robot with X-ray feature to Determine your way through obstacle course. Transform classic lamborghini into drone bike to drive at impossible tracks street car racing.

    Download Multi Car Robot Real Transform with all new motor bike features and become Wild transformation master. Immense yourself for super realistic crazy autobots bus bike ride game. Steer with Lamborghini, Prado hummer to conquer next generation turbo rush X-ray Extreme transformation bus robot car transform racing.
    Game Features:

    » Exclusive Autobots Transformation
    » Epic Robot Car Racing mania
    » Smooth Handbrake controls
    » Amazing Environment & HD Graphics
    » Multiple X-ray Moto robot stunt bike
    » Extreme camera angles view
    » Upgrade Autobots bus transform
    » Massive height of insane circle
    » Easy controls for ultra Transformation