Angry Toucan Pop Birds Saga!




    Toucans are one of the beautiful birds pop ball. These popping pigeons mainly like to eat fruits,and also prey on various insects. Help toco birdy to pop the most yummiest fruits and seeds in pigeon pip game of speed bird poppop in Angry Toucan Pop Birds Saga!

    Toucan bird pop loves to dance and pop on groovy music. Angry Toucan Pop Birds Saga! is one of the amazing birds pop balls arcade games. Help speed bird pop, pigeon pip to pluck and peel off different fruits in this new popjam tap game.

    However, the speedy bird pop is unaware of the obstacles placed in between fruits and oftenly pops & hits into them. Help pigeon flappy pop to escape hitting with small bombs in fresh fruit bubble splash Angry Toucan Pop Birds Saga! Control bird popstar and tap it to avoid to bang into bad things and crack burst into pieces.

    It’s time to flap your super bird wings and pop, blast and splash strawberries, cherries, mangoes, peanuts, kiwi and many other colorful fruits. So burst and shoot fruits bubble bobble with new bird splash fruit mania pop game. Have fun while collecting the fruits in Angry Toucan Pop Birds Saga!

    Toucan pop arcade game features:

    » Burst fresh fruits pop balls
    » Best angry toucan new poppop dance moves
    » Fun filled & entertaining levels
    » Colorful background themes
    » Escape hitting obstacles
    » HQ sounds and music makes you dance and pop