SwordMaster - Mighty Heroes




    Sword Master - The Last Supper

    The Sealed Drink Was Resurrected And Many Things Were Summoned To His Calling.

    Find The Strongest Weapon You Need To Seal Your Mind Again And Go On A Journey To Become A Stronghold.

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    ▣ Game Function
    - Various Weapons, Mob, Stage
    - Item Enhancement, Synthesis, Socket, Upgrade, Differentiation
    - Character Skill, Anger, Reinforcement, Skin, Attribute
    - Invasion Boss, Occupation, Pvp, Day Dungeon, World Boss
    - Various Quests, Achievements
    - Fortification, Growth, Defense, Occupation

    ▣ Property Item Description
    - Attacks Are Halved On The Same Attribute.
    - Fire: Strong To Electricity And Weak To Ice
    - Ice: It Is Strengthened By Fire And Weak In Electricity.
    - Lightning: Strong On Ice And Weak On Fire.
    - Darkness: Disables Fire, Ice, And Lightning.
    - Divinity: Recovers Light From Darkness.
    - Poison: Gives A Dot Damage When Attacking A Critical Strike.

    ▣ Game Tips
    - Increase Your Stats By Strengthening And Composing Unnecessary Items To Equipment Items.
    - Attach Equipment According To Relative Attributes And Fight.
    - Use Your Skills Appropriately According To Your Turn.
    - Attack Bosses With Your Friends.