Malachai: Jumpscare Horror Game




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    - "I love it . It gave me a heart attack when I saw Malachai in front of me!"
    - "Tried playing with my headsets on in the middle of the night. Best experience ever!"
    - "I'm always searching for a good halloween game & this one is everything i've been looking for!"

    A perfect family from a perfect community are missing.

    The Police are drawing blanks in their investigation and in desperation they recruit you, a local psychiatrist who has worked with the family since the disappearance of their first child.

    When you enter the house you realise things are not as they seem, as you try to hold back your fear and realise something is leading you on a terrifying supernatural adventure, full of excitement and discovery.

    All you need is your sense of sound, a good sense of direction and your trusty journal to keep track of all the creepy goings on.

    Can you survive a night of fear and horrific jumpscares in the Alderson household? Can you collect the mysterious drawings and crack the safe code? Can you solve the mystery of the perfect family and their dark secret?

    Not suitable for the faint hearted!

    **To enhance the experience, we recommend playing this game with headphones**

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