Hunt & Survive In Jungle




    This is most thrilling and realistic wild animal hunting game.
    You have a modern sniper to hunt animal in the deadly forest. This is just like a war against the wild animals because some animals are most dangerous for people some time they entered in the city and there might be possible to attack on people. Most of the time they came on the highway road which cross from near the jungle.
    This Hunt & Survive In Jungle brings you real animal hunting experience. In this Hunt & Survive In Jungle Game you need to use all your Hunting Skills to survive in this Jungle adventure. Shoot the dangerous animals and become the best sniper and also improve your shooting skills. Enhance your tracking skills and Animal Hunting skills by playing this Hunt & Survive In Jungle game.

    Hunt & Survive In Jungle: Features
    Realistic 3D Graphics.
    Such a wonderufl environments.
    Very Smooth Controls
    Highlevel Sound Quality
    Multiple type of Animals
    Smooth gameplay
    Modern and Multiple level of Weapons