Jelly Cube Match: Impossible Puzzle Game




    Do you love to play puzzle games? Are you looking for a game that tests your brain and is fun to play at the same time? If so, you'll definitely love this sliding puzzle game - an app that will keep you guessing!

    It might just be one of the best puzzles games ever. One thing is for certain, though–the minute you start playing you'll be hooked! While the rules might be simple, the challenges are difficult.

    It's a game of logic which means you'll be putting your brain to the test. This isn't a game necessarily based on speed; it's based on critical thinking skills. Move the cubes, swap them, or drop them. When you get a certain number of the same ones in a row, they'll disappear. But you only get so many chances so move them with ease and think wisely!

    With a multitude of levels this is one game you'll never get tired of. You'll love having your brain challenged over and over again!

    * Great for all ages
    * Amazing graphics
    * Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
    * Addictive Gaming

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