Fridge Cleaning




    Mommy is out of city and this particular freezer is a total mess. It is your job now to clean up the mess before mommy comes home to see the freezer all messed up. This cleaning game is very fun and exciting, so download this game and start playing right away.
    There are a total of three scenes to choose, but you will have to start with the first one and complete it to unlock more levels. Once you open the freezer, eggs and glass falls on the floor creating more mess. You will have to pick up all the litter and throw it in trash and use different cleaning to tools to leave the floor full of sparkles.
    Everything in the freezer is out of its place, and you will have to put everything back where they belong. This game can be challenging too because you will have to beat the clock to unlock more levels, so you need some super cleaning skills to unlock more levels and enjoy this game to its fullest. While playing the game, you earn gold coins that will help you get more and more points and to unlock more levels.
    Features Include:
    • Use your super cleanup skills to clear out all the mess
    • Use a wide variety of cleaning tools to clean all the mess
    • Rearrange everything back in their shelves
    • Beat the clock to unlock more levels.
    • Play our game totally free.