Coloring Book Fruit




    Fruit Coloring Book Game for Kids. This game is designed for your 3-5 years old daughter and your son. Color the coloring pages of all cartoons on your phone or tablet
    in this virtual coloring and painting book. It so easy that even toddler can play, paint & draw. This coloring game is a kid’s game where children can color the Food
    cartoon coloring pages. In this coloring game for children you can find awesome pictures from famous food like hamburger, pizza, chief, cake, egg, drink, meat, french
    fries and ice cream.
    Let’s your child simply paint with their fingers. She/he just have to choose a template, pickup colors on the palette and draw with a little tap

    What's this coloring book game for kids about:
    - Coloring book contains 30 coloring pages in theme of Fruits.
    - Free drawing game.
    - Your kids can easily fill out an entire region, draw with a pencil or brush and use an eraser
    - Saves your kids pictures to the gallery of your device
    - Your boy and girls will like it

    Children will love creating their art from three activities in Kids Painting:
    - Drawing: the child can use many colors to free-style draw anything!
    - Coloring: select a picture and fill in spaces by switching the paint colors until it looks just right!
    - Train Your Kids Memory: children are challenged to remember the colors they see in a picture, and then recreate it using the colors that they initially saw.

    Your children can paint, draw or doodle whenever they want to. Doodling, painting and drawing was never so easy and funny. Let your kids be creative by downloading
    this free app: Kids Coloring with many pictures which can be drawn, painted or doodle their own. Your kids not only learn colors but they also learn different kind of
    fruits, such as a mango. No matter where are you from in this game you are gonna find African, Asian, american, European and of course Australian kids stuff.

    If you have toddler, boy, girl in the first grade, second grade or in the higher grade or is 2-5 years old even older kid do not hesitate to