Battle Cars Beach Racing 3D




    Get ready for the car racing experience of a lifetime in Death Race: Beach Racing Cars. This shooting game is sure to give you a major adrenaline rush. It's an all-out war between you and your gangster rivals on the beach tracks in this combat racing game. Race in your armored supercars and destroy all kinds of rivals in a deadly gun shoot. Claim the title of highway warrior with this newest drift car racing game. Launch destruction upon your enemies with your shooter skills.

    Aim and shoot with your gun and see them go down with cool explosions. Forget ordinary racing experience go full throttle across the beach tracks in your cars. Accept this driving challenge and blaze through the desert city. Drive your modified cars and face your ruthless enemies in this death racer game.

    Jump behind the steering wheels of your armored cars and race through the city beach. Shoot with your gun and blow up your opponents. Burn them into ashes with your powerful shooting skills. Your rivals are equipped with Gatling machine guns and some heavy weapons. These gangsters will try their best to bring you down so dodge away their bullets and keep yourself safe in this car combat.


    10 extreme car racing challenges
    Multiple attractive and indestructible cars
    Combat Car driving at its best
    Action packed shooting
    Stunning high fidelity graphics