Drift Legends: School bus, Real Car Drifting




    No brakes feeling troubled! Are you skilled enough to control high speed sports cars or US army tanks in city drift game? Pick your favorite vehicle for racing and drifting on sharp turns with crazy angles like school bus or turbo cars spinner with mad drift simulator game.

    Feel life bank robber trying to shake off police car pursuit or a racing car which got brake failed. High tension scenario you can’t stop your car spinner without getting wrecked or blast. So real drifter skills using thumb drift car on crazy angles with simple touch and tap. Select among various cars like school bus, sports car, army tanks and many more unlicensed cars. With simple thumb control hold and press make a combo for perfect drift and gear shift to get high speed. This car drift game is highly recommended for all speed and adrenaline lovers. Smash city by joining speed club you doing pretty great job by controlling steering of this muscle cars.

    Shake off the arcade world all you need a minute to understand the groundbreaking physics and drifting controls to get highest score across world. No brakes! Show real car drift game in the ultimate drifting race dodge sharp turns. Use thumb to drift on crazy angles with various cars sliding sideways in smooth asphalt tracks. You might like new racing games and action game try this free drifting game no handbrake no acceleration control all you can do tap and drift.

    Multiple vehicles to drive
    Endless cars drifting missions
    Intuitive swift controls
    Vivid colorful gaming experience
    Engaging background music

    Download this game and give us your feedback, so we can make more racing simulator game for you.