Bushido Saga




    Action game filled with reflexive and tactical skirmishes. Swipe the screen to cut down your enemies. Be aware of your defensive moves. Don't get caught!

    Bushido Saga - Nightmare of the Samurai relies heavily on quality gameplay allied with a captivating storytelling. Inspired on the Japanese legend of the 47 Ronin. You are Oishi Yoshio, an honorable samurai, who must uncover a terrible plot against your master, Lord Asano, and prevent his assassination by forces of darkness. Unravel the conspiracy and vanquish his enemies before it is too late!

    Battle with a variety of Japanese weapons: the blade katana, the halberd naginata, the bow daikyu, the spear yari, and many other cutting blades, crushing hammers, and ranged bows!

    ◉ UNRAVEL a deadly conspiracy against you lord!
    ◉ SLASH your enemies by swiping the screen. Control is at your fingertips!
    ◉ KILL dozens of minions as only a skilled and expert SAMURAI can do!
    ◉ BATTLE with a myriad of weapons: blades, halberds, spears, hammers or bows.
    ◉ EQUIP the right weapon to battle different types of enemies. Learn their strengths and weaknesses.
    ◉ VANQUISH powerful and fearsome BOSSES.
    ◉ CUT down hordes of fierce SAMURAI, stealthy NINJA and fearsome RONIN!
    ◉ LOOT dozens of masterful sets of armor, legendary blades and mythical swords.

    ◉ SKILLED and timed reactions will turn you into a master warrior.
    ◉ ATTACK and defend at the right time to get your opponent off-guard.
    ◉ TACTICAL position is key to victory, don't get surrounded!

    Embark on an epic adventure and unveil a conspiracy against your Lord. Investigate and unfold a plot to assassinate your Lord.

    Get ready to be challenged and fight your way through dozens of levels.
    Interact with NPCs, collect stars from individual missions and progress in a detailed world by surviving against groups of enemies that require tactics to be beaten.

    Reflex, skill and tactics are paramount to success!

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