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    Puzzle Game For Toddler - The Board Game

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    Fun & challenge for your child! Recognize partially revealed lovely images

    Fun game for toddlers and kids(ages 2+) with beautiful hand drawn images.

    An image is randomly selected and hidden. Each touch of your toddlerild on the colored tiles reveals a piece, until your toddlerild can correctly recognized the image and receive an applause.

    If your toddlerild guessed the wrong image, a cute "oops"
    sound will be heard.

    Kids can play this game for hours! Young kids (2 years) enjoy the revealing of the tiles. Older kids (6-7) like to reveal a single tile and let their friend guess.

    There are five categories of images that your toddlerild will really like:Vehicles, Food, Kids, Animals, and Toys. All of the images are fun, colorful and eye-catching.

    Let your child play a smart, fun, endless game.

    Developed by mothers who know that children are a joy!