Car Racing High




    This 3D game is all free, just download and playing this 3D nice fantastic game.
    You like sports, and your passion is high speed on high racing road with super sports car, just play this game. This is very basic of car sports racing, rally game.
    Riding, rally your sports super car with high speed on racing road and nice fantastic environment, doing some more thrilling and relaxing with some more drifting your super sports car on racing highway is much funny and exciting. Just take your dream sports super car and start your racing.

    How to play
    This game is very easy to play, with some simple buttons. Just press gas button and speed up your dreams sports cars on speed high racing road. You're highway start.
    There're gas, break and change view control buttons to play, that's much easy
    - Gas, break buttons to control your racing , rally car
    - Swing your device to control your car steering
    - Automatic gear of your racing , rally car
    - Camera button to change your view of racing , rally car

    - Amazing realistic graphics of super sports cars , nice racing road and fantastic environment
    - Simple controls buttons with gas, break ones to do your racing, rally dream super sports cars on racing road fantastic environment
    - Swing your device to control your super sports racing, rally cars
    - Automatic controlling gear of your racing, rally sports super cars
    - Camera button to change your vision of racing , rally super sports cars