Gunship Air Defence Free




    Attack helicopters, the most powerful in the world in your hands.Are you ready for game action ultimately FPS!? The waves to defeat the waves of enemies attacking your Position. The Ultimate game Gunship Air Defence is here.

    Be Commando on the front line in the war zones of adventure. Invaders attractive your base and you. Last hope, Stand for your country, you are responsible for your troops and fight and take down brutal enemies.

    Your mission is to use an anti-aircraft machine guns and RPG to crash their planes in the sky area. Multi-combat tasks in the design of this futuristic action game database. Protecting the country and the land of enemies invading your zone defense.

    The Air Force pilots are qualified and will bombard your land with the help of missiles and bombs to destroy your base. Heroes appear on the battlefield, you play as the only survivor in a dangerous combat situation.


    -Battle with the wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.
    -Complete missions seperated in different regions
    -Optimized controls for a great shooting experience
    -High qaulity graphics
    -Realistic controls and Gameplay
    -Double barrel gun and RPG for deadly Helicopters.