The Holy Bible :- Edition 2




    Revelations of God : The Holy Bible.
    This is Edition 2.
    A classic Bible Trivia Game for you.

    Holy Bible Edition 2 is the collection of different and unique questions from 66 books with very different styles all containing the message God desired us to have.

    The Holy Bible Edition 2 Trivia will test your knowledge on the Holy book.
    You will learn more when you Play, this is Bible in depth.
    Know about the people and events that took place in the bible: Jesus Christ, Noah, Moses, David many and many more.
    Know what, when, why and how happened in the Bible.
    We have different levels to test your wisdom.
    Know how far you can answer the questions.

    (Note: This is not authenticated by any Church; we are followers like you.
    If you see any question that you believe have a wrong answer, Please be free to message us and we will try to solve it in next version.)

    Thank You, Enjoy Playing.