Pirate Panda Treasure Hunting




    The treasures of an old pirate is hidden on an island. Lots of gold and other treasure items are buried on it. Our Pirate Panda is on hunting it down and will find the treasure island.

    Your mission is to reach that island crossing all the wars and puzzles that come across your way. You will be followed by your enemy at each levels. Be smart enough to defeat him with your wisdom and tricks. Don’t let your enemy reach the island before you.

    Visit island after island - On you path you will land on every small island and collect all the hidden treasures.
    Dig out the treasures – With spades available to you, make the best guess to dig and get chance to find treasures beneath.
    Barrel fight in the sea – With the canons available to you, make the best guess to break the barrels and get chance to find treasure within.
    Final War with enemy – With this fierce battle you engage in a battle with your enemy till his ship sinks in the sea.

    Let's go to seek the hidden treasures at once with Pirate Panda! Let’s engage into war for treasure. All pirate treasures will be ours!