Whirlpool Demolition Derby: Car Crash Drive

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    Whirlpool Demolition Derby: Car Crash Drive

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    Get a crash course in EXTREME DEMOLITION! Download and play Whirlpool Demolition Derby: Car Crash Drive, the newest and most exciting crash derby game for iPhone and iPad. Here you can knockout some cars and monster trucks. Throw other cars and trucks over the death wall using your smashy car and wait for the implosion and let the fire burn out. Don’t get cocky because your enemies will throw drums at you and you have to avoid them or they will wreck your car. If you love some destructions and crazy mad max adventure, come join us and have a blast.
    Destruction and implosion can be fun! Play as a crasher who wreck and knockout other cars and monster trucks who stand in your way! We all want to be a crasher sometimes and it feels good to unleash that in an EXTREME demolition game. Prepare to get addicted once you try this game. You won’t stop until you knockout all your opponents.

    There are many challenges await you in this crash derby. You face many opponents alone and they also try to wreck your vehicle by throwing drums at you. Your smashy car is the only car who can be hurt with these drums – other cars won’t be affected if they got hit with the drums. That means you have to watch out your health bar doesn’t fall down to zero or you will fail the mission. Our game is really a crash course of destroying and wrecking mad max style.


    O FREE crash derby game for all iPhone and iPad user.
    O Addictive crasher game for people who love implosion and destruction
    O Smash and knockout your opponents out of the death wall.
    O Four game environments with Simple and Curvy Death Walls.
    O High quality and immersive game graphic and sound.
    O Test your driving skill in various environment against opponents and hurdles.
    O Five type of cars to choose for the game.
    O Smooth and intuitive game control.
    O Various types of opponents, from cars to monster trucks.
    O Various hurdles to add challenges to this game: drums, cranes, and empty spaces
    O Fifteen levels, with various targets and crazy hurdles.
    O Get FREE coins to unlock more smashy cars.

    Each level has its own requirement; you will be asked to damage, hit, or knockout cars to complete the mission. You will collect coins as you play this game, so you will have options which smashy car you will take for each mission. There are 15 levels in this game and you have to successfully finish one level before moving on to the next. Once you’ve finished a level, you’re free to replay it again. You’ll be a master crasher once you’ve completed all 15 levels in this game. Keep playing and don’t let the fire burn out before you start another extreme demolition.
    So, if you are ready to join this crazy mad max style adventure, download our new game and prepare to smash, wreck, and destroy cars with abandon!

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