Tower Crazy Climber: A Fighter




    Climb up to the top of castle tower as a brave warrior prince to find your destiny. Beware of the enemies who are hiding behind the dark shadows and they will try to stop you at any cost. So defeat them, dodge them and complete your mission.This game is about a defense and to climb on a castle as soon as possible by killing the dodge fighters. There are many evils against you and they have surrounded the whole tower with their army and they want a battle with you to get that castle. Your job being a game boy is to defense that tower in the war as you have evolved potentials and skills.You can be legend of the game while rushing & climbing at the top of the tower with the help of your strategies.
    Being the ninja warrior your main concern is to bear and fight against the fast rush enemies.
    The twister of the game is that to kill all the enemies which sound impossible because they are at every inches of the tower & your dodge is you are great sword fighter. Be a great runner & climber, keep slushing them with the help of your skills and reach at the top of the castle. At the end show the sign of victory!
    You have specific time in every level just complete the action within given time and enjoy the daring fight
    Get ready to play your part in this conquest warfare game and enjoy the victory!
    Various killer missions full of adventures
    Realistic ninja jump control
    Realistic ninja climbing control
    Rich and vibrant 3D graphics.
    Enjoy the crazy climbing experience.
    If you are looking for something new and love ancient games its worth to download!