Impossible Survival Race 3D




    Meet our new game in a completely new genre - survival on the track. Try to overcome the impossible route! You will find many obstacles, such as barrels, boxes and slabs.

    If you are a fan of racing, are fond of cars - then this game is for you. Here you will understand how good you are in driving. You do not need to be careful: you can knock boxes and boxes. Based on the goal - to survive, not to fall into a prop and reach the finish line. You are limited in time! Watch the timer, after the time you lose. So try to reach the finish line in the allotted time.

    Drive along the narrowest paths above the abyss in the sky. Be ready for the hardest parts on the track! Sometimes it will be difficult for you to reach the finish line. Save enough coins to raise the level of your car. You can increase the speed of the car, improve the handling and power of the engine.

    The game is available to various cars - from broken rusty old cars to modern cars and SUVs. After you have chosen your car, choose an impassable route and press the start button of the game.

    Eat carefully! Some turns need to travel slowly. You also will meet the areas in which you need to accelerate at full speed and fly up into the sky and fly over the precipice. This is an unforgettable experience!

    This is a very difficult task to pass the track. You will definitely love this insanely difficult game. Jump into your virtual race car and go to the finish line!