Zombie Survival Simulator FULL

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    Zombie Survival Simulator FULL version - combines zombie shooter and survival simulator game genre. You were on the post apocalypse world. Stay alive as long as you can! You are surrounded by zombies and other terrible creatures.
    Collect resources in different parts of the map. Discover new recipes and create new items and tools. If you build a workbench - you can open several new weapons recipes - from a simple gun to an automatic machine gun.
    Shoot the walking dead zombies so they do not have time to infect you! The disease can become deadly to you!
    On the big map you can get all the necessary resources to build a hut and survive a night in it.
    Start explore new territories! Search abandoned villages, military bases!

    Develop survival skills in this game! Your life now depends on you!

    Full version game features:
    - Free survival starter pack!
    - More food!
    - +25% Health!
    - Fast mining resources!
    - Hiding-place with resources!